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You can find information about my works at Projects page.

If you have any question or want to contact with me you can visit Contact page.

To see my carrier path or job related details I suggest you to visit my LinkedIn profile.


MyLog is Live!

My new project MyLog is released. After 9 months of work, it is available in both stores.

MyLog aims to help pilots about logging their flights and simulators with its user-friendly interface and features.

If you want to learn more and try MyLog you can visit


Airport Notes Apps Updated

After the approval of update at Google Play, at both markets Airport Notes updated to version 1.7 and 1.1 respectively at App Store and Google Play.

Both version includes same feature set.

Preformatted Note Entry

This new screen contains fields and switches to ask general informations about arrival, departure and airport.

Such as STAR, SID, approach type, departure runway, taxi route and etc.

If you still have something to add feel free to use Other Information section.

Remove Ads Option

Airport Notes is a free app on all platforms but contains ads. However some users don’t like ads even if they are small and undisruptive.

If you don’t like ads to and want to remove them; you can buy Remove Ads option from Settings -> Remove Ads screen.

For $0.99 (it can be changed according to your region) all the ads can be removed forever.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

All updates is a chance to fix some known bugs and make some performance improvements. Like previous versions same improvements applied for this version, too.

How to update?

For Android, either let Google Play update for you (if you don’t disable automatic updates) or use Google Play to update Airport Notes.

For iOS, either let App Store update for you (if you don’t disable automatic updates) or use App Store to update Airport Notes.

If you are on mobile device now, you can follow this link which will directly navigate you to your store.

Complaints or wishes?

Do you have a question? Do you have complaints or do you want to suggest something? Please don’t hesitate to fill Contact form on Airport Notes app.

All contributions are welcomed. Thank you.