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MyLog is a new digital logbook solution for all pilots.

Helps pilots to keep their logbooks digitally. It is suitable for Student Pilots to Commercial Airline Pilots, MyLog easily keeps their flight and simulator records.


  • Pilots can add their flight manually or take photos of flight hours from aircraft displays and capture flight hours from photos or let MyLog count block and flight times.
  • MyLog Watch App can start and stop Live Flight without touching your phone.
  • MyLog can list your logs user-friendly and let you filter them quickly or you can see your logs in classical logbook format. If you want to see your logbook in Excel or PDF format, just export it to the relevant format.
  • Also, you can see detailed statistics about your logs with bar graphics and lists such as Longest Flight, Most Flown Destination and etc.
  • MyLog can keep track of user-defined limitations like 100 hours in the last 28 days or 900 hours in a calendar year or 3 landings in the last 90 days or whatever you want.
  • Are you currently using another logbook application? Export your data from that application and import MyLog in seconds.
  • You can add documents or photos to your logs to keep that with your log record.
  • Do you want to keep track of your documents such as licenses, or passports? Add to MyLog to see easily your documents in one place.
  • You can take notes about aircraft and flight crews which only you can see.
  • MyLog doesn’t require defining all aircraft while using, with a collaborative aircraft database you can use the same aircraft if someone added it before you.
  • Don’t you want to add your previous records before MyLog? Use the Previous Experience section and enter your hours directly, so you can start logging in with MyLog instantly.
  • MyLog supports theming, also dark and light modes. So while you are flying at night in a dark cockpit MyLog won’t harm your eyes.
  • If you feel predefined fields don’t cover your requirements add unlimited custom fields with different types. They will be activated instantly and you can use them in your logs.

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