What is Jeodezi?

Jeodezi is a Kotlin library for Android and Dart library for Flutter.

Everything started while looking for a library for great circle-related calculations such as distance, bearing, etc. I realized that there were not any on the Android platform. But I was lucky because I came across Chris Veness’s excellent work Geodesy Functions. He did a remarkable job here but the library was written in JavaScript.

So I thought I could port it to Kotlin both for me and the others. I wrote to Chris Veness to request his permission before starting. He replied to me in a few hours with a positive response.

Thus, Jeodezi has emerged. But his Geodesy Functions library is very detailed and complicated so I cut it into pieces while porting. Currently, only Great Circle related calculations are available.

After two years I need these functions on Flutter and again realized there was not any library for Flutter. So I decided to port Jeodezi Kotlin to Dart.

Both libraries are available on GitHub and contain the same functionality.

Jeodezi (Kotlin) is available on Github.

Jeodezi (Dart) is available on Github and