What is Jeodezi?

Jeodezi is a Kotlin library for Android.

While looking for a library for great circle related calculations such as distance, bearing, etc I realized that there is not any in Android platform. But I was lucky because I came across with Chris Veness‘s amazing work Geodesy Functions. He made a remarkable job here but the library was written in JavaScript.

So I thought I can port it to Kotlin both for me and the others. I wrote to Chris Veness to request his permission before starting. He replied me in a few hours with a positive response.

Thus, Jeodezi was emerged. But his Geodesy Functions library is very detailed and complicated so I cut into pieces while porting. My first aim was to complete Great Circle calculations. Then I will move onto Rhumb calculations.

In first version Great Circle related calculations were ported to Kotlin and the library is ready in a few days.

Jeodezi is available on Github.