Aşk Testi

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What is Aşk Testi?

Aşk Testi (Love Test) is a simple application which is created for just fun. It aims to test your love with a 36 questioned survey or other ways. As mentioned it is just for fun and so the result is just the result of some assumptions or calculations and doesn’t mean anything.

How it works?

Aşk Testi contains more than one test and every one of it has own logic to find a result. The test logics won’t be revealed here.


Aşk Testi is available on iOS or Android devices. It is designed to work on phones in portrait mode but it can be installed on tablets.

Both application uses the same API which was coded with node.js and express


For both platforms it was coded natively with Swift and Kotlin.


For iOS Alamofire was used and for Android Retrofit was used.

Of course numerous of open source libraries used to make these application available. Thanks for all the contributors.


MVVM architecture was used at both application.


Whole application and logos were designed by Çağatay Güven

Want to learn more?

If you are interested with Aşk Testi or my development style you can contact me.